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The LaunchPad package is an opportunity to showcase your ingredient or finished product in an exclusive showcase at the New Products or New Ingredients Zone. Unlike the regular display that shares space with other +40 products, the LaunchPad is a free-standing exclusive showcase located prominently at the heart of the Visitor Attraction. Exhibitors participating in this area increase in average their brand awareness by 109%! 

The Launchpad display includes:

  • Exclusive display box during the in-person event 

  • Digital showcase: tag with relevant categories, upload up to 5 images, video URL, and pdf resource. Interact with the Vitafoods audience through the LIVE chat and/or set up meetings
  • Directory listing: free access piece to be included in e-mail campaign, social media, website, event platform and available onsite through QR Code.

  • 15-mins pre-recorded presentation listed on the event agenda and available on-demand on the event platform during Vitafoods Europe online dates. Access to GDPR compliant data post-event. 

  • Consideration for your product to be included in one (1) promotional e-mail targeted to potential visitors and/or pre-registered audience

Make sure to read the Product Display Guidelines before placing your order.

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Please note:

  • Only 6 LaunchPad showcases available per Zone
  • Products must first be submitted for approval by the Organiser - your product must had been launched into market after May 2022.
  • Exhibitors are not able to purchase or reserve spaces in advance
  • This is a showcase for an individual product and not a product line
  • Your product will be presented in the New Products Zone if it’s a finished product or in the New Ingredients Zone if it’s an ingredient so please ensure you select the right category when applying through the online form



9-11 May 2023
This programme is part of Vitafoods Europe 2023 (SMART Hybrid Event)
Terms & Conditions:
Full T&Cs are available in the description
Geneva, Switzerland / Online - Event Platform