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Ensure maximum brand exposure with multiple touch points at every stage of the registration process – online and in person. Welcome visitors registering to the event with the most dominant branding opportunity available to the entire Vitafoods audience before and during the 2024 edition. ​​ ​


  • Company logo and ad banner featured in the e-mail announcement for the opening of registration.
  • Company logo on the social media post announcing opening of registration.
  • Company branding integrated in the online registration form: company logo on the header banner and company ad banner as the footer.
  • Company logo featured in the sponsors section of the promotional e-mail campaign targeted to both potential visitors and pre-registered visitors.
  • Company ad banner in confirmation e-mail
    • E-mail to be received by all visitors completing registration
    • Inclusive of hyperlink of your choice
  • Company recognition as a Major sponsor with logo and stand number on the Sponsors page on the Vitafoods Europe website.


  • Company logo displayed on the visitor registration help desks.
  • Company logo and stand number on free-standing registration signage at the visitor entrance.
  • Company logo on key signage related to event registration
14 - 16 May 2024
This programme is part of Vitafoods Europe 2024
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Geneva, Switzerland / Online - Event Platform